Jess McFly

jess mcfly playing a clear bass next to a giant rubix cube

Meet Jess, better known as Jess McFly.  Born and raised in the picturesque landscapes of Wyoming and influenced by the sounds of country, baptist gospel and folk.  Jess was born with the gift of perfect pitch and sound-color synesthesia.  He started singing as an infant and began crafting his own musical stye of rock and slap/pop and was drawn to the transformative power of music around 5 years old.  Jess studied music composition at the University of Wyoming while playing string bass in the U of W orchestra and Jazz Improv.  Jess moved to Virginia in 2002, to start on a new path, while playing with several bands and projects.  In 2007, Jess met Melanie Waters at an open mic that led to an offer to join her ‘up and coming’ 80’s band.  That open mic opened the door to musical collaboration, garage jams, friendship, and what many would hail as “America’s happiest music”.  Still going strong, 16 years later, The Deloreans 80s band still going with full throttle momentum as known for their high energy, variety, show band performances.   Jess transitions between bass, guitar, synth with sax and brass sounds, and vocals while entertaining and showcasing stage performance to connect with audiences.  Beyond the stage, Jess is a skilled composer and songwriter, with his own full orchestra overture to date ,and 4 additional movements in the works.  His repertoire spans from classical, jazz, country, rock, and of course, “The 80’s” but is open to all genres with instrumentation as its focus.  Jess is a studio musician with emphasis on guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.  He is working on a solo original rock album and performing all of the instrumentation.  Come share in Jess’ musical endeavors….be on the lookout for his original album, potentially catch a future orchestra performance of his overture, or better yet- CATCH A DELOREANS SHOW.

Jess Willoughby “Music is the only thing I truly understand and can navigate.  But yet it’s the universal language of diversity.”

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