To stop games running in the background, refresh page before starting a new game, otherwise it can get noisy, just like a real arcade!

Space bar to start game.

Use arrow keys to control Pac-Man.

Use Keypad to move Qbert

7=up left
9=up right
1=down left
2=down right
Ctrl+F11 to slow speed. Ctrl+F12 to increase speed

A standard MS-Dos Text based game, controls are the same as displayed, use arrow keys to navigate the menus. Have fun!


Rockstar is unlike any other game on the PC. Your goal is, strangely enough, to become a Rockstar. Through the course of your game you will have to produce singles and records, balance a hectic recording schedule with your drug intake while touring Europe and the rest of the World. Success does not come easy. An uneasy market, balanced with your own health problems leads to a very involving game.

As your success rises, so does the demand for concerts and public performances. You a forced to decide when its time for a break and when its time to go out and make some cash.



| | Theme | |
| 7 | 8 | 9 |
| Left |Rotate | Right |
| 4 | 5 | 6 |
| Next | Drop | |
| 1 | 2 | 3 |
| | |
| 0 | . |

I = Change background
J = Left
L = Right
K = Rotate
, = Drop

A standard MS-Dos Text based game, controls are the same as displayed, use arrow keys to navigate the menus. Have fun!


SimCity sets you as the mayor of a new municipality, with the responsibility of building and maintaining a place where citizens can move to and work and be happy. The first task is to place essentials such as housing, transport links, schools, factories and shops. There are 50 types of these, allowing for homes of all standards and different types of businesses. Make sure to consider which sites are effective for which tasks. Some power sources pollute, others don't but are more expensive. Taxes must be raised to ensure an income, and then portions allocated to public services such as policing and roads. Earthquakes, floods and fires are all emergency situations that must be dealt to contain any damage.

Successful mayoring will cause the small village to grow into a town, then a city and finally a metropolis. As the city's size grows so do it's needs. Commercial buildings may suddenly find that they need an airport to expand trade, or housing may find itself changing rapidly as vast amounts of people come and leave.

The game also includes 8 pre-defined time-limited scenarios, with specific challenges and targets. The environment varies in each game (especially if you have the Terrain Editor add on), and this should affect your choices.
Y/N keys to answer joystick and color question
press "1" or "2" key to select number of players
Use space bar to jump
Arrow keys to move
Up arrow key to climb ladder

Games provided and hosted through Archive.org  and is here to educate, and showcase 1980’s media history. 

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